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It’s goodbye to the magazine, but hello to the community

B2B Marketing

magazine has been the centre of our world for 17 years, but times have changed. We realise that print has been usurped by digital and the growing demand for real-time community connectivity. At B2B Marketing, we have adapted and grown our product and services accordingly, so, with a heavy heart, we have now published the final issue of

B2B Marketing


In our world, it has been a great talisman – a crucial part of our brand and our outreach to the market. It’s been a friend and companion, and it’s been a fantastic device to be able to articulate development in the marketing space. Most importantly of all, it’s been a fantastic privilege to be able to bring it to you all over these past 17 years.

However, the future is very much digital, with platforms focused on connecting people to experts, methodology, model and community. As much as we love the magazine, the format is not able to facilitate and develop things at a real pace. As a result of this, we’ve taken the sad decision to shut it down, but that doesn’t stop us being incredibly proud of all that it has achieved. Not only did it put our business on the map, it also put the B2B marketing community on the map – both agency and client-side. We have produced just shy of 200 issues and have published thousands of stories, covering everything from people, to best practice, to analysis, to statistics, to reviews, to events. Ultimately, we have covered the highs and the lows, the pretty and the ugly.

This magazine was launched with a sense of purpose. It was launched at a time when magazines were the key channel to market, and in a very busy marketplace with 12 titles all pointed towards marketers. Crucially, however, not one of these titles spoke about B2B. In fact, when the magazine was first launched, people genuinely asked if it was focused on the marketing of bed and breakfast outfits! Years later, the industry has undergone an extraordinary change, and now B2B is part of the world’s vernacular, and marketing sits very much at the centre of it.

We are extraordinarily excited about the future of the B2B Marketing brand. From a magazine that touched just 4000 people, we now have a global community and audience of over one million. It is an extraordinary achievement for both the business and the market itself. The magazine transformed the market. It has earned its retirement!

What an amazing change and shift, and one which we’ve all been hugely proud of. God bless

B2B Marketing

magazine – you will not be forgotten! B2B Marketing digital platforms and events would not be here if it were not for you.

B2B Marketing Spring 2021 issue

Do you want to access the final ever issue of B2B Marketing magazine? You can check it out here. Packed with the usual insights and interviews, but also information on our new community platform: Propolis.

Download the final issue of B2B Marketing magazine here

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