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JEKA: Email marketing automation in a B2B Magento shop | B2B Marketing

The global JEKA webshop was launched with a broad range of products. Besides best-selling products like floor markings, floor tape and label holders, JEKA also offers customisable products, like barcode labels. Although these products most often are not directly purchased online, in these cases, the webshop acts as an easy point of getting in touch with a JEKA representative.

Besides customers from the existing industries, the webshop attracted new types of customers, like general businesses and educational organisations too.

Email marketing

JEKA has been sending email newsletters since the launch of the site, but the results were average. JEKA started with a small list of email addresses and sent newsletters only irregularly to stay in touch with its customers. Over the past years, JEKA has been able to collect email addresses of nearly all of their customers so the time had come to take email marketing to the next level. Peter-Paul Blom, ecommerce manager at Jekashop, researched various tools to implement email marketing automation. Eventually, he decided to start with Copernica to implement a strategy based on an automated customer journey and proper lead nurturing. Campaigns are sent in various languages.

Integration with Magento

JEKAshop is powered by the Magento ecommerce platform, which made 

integrating Copernica

 very easy. After the initial synchronization all order history, abandoned carts and viewed products were neatly stored in a single customer view. The next step was to start automating the customer journey.

Responsive templates

Because 18% of emails are opened on a mobile phone, JEKA took one of the free responsive templates from Copernica and adopted this to JEKA’s look-and-feel. Then, the newsletter was scheduled to be sent on a monthly basis.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation was introduced by implementing:

abandoned cart recovery emails 1 hour after abandonment
a review mail 3 weeks after a purchase
a win back mail 1 year after the last purchase

Since the implementation in May 2014, the general results of the email campaigns are impressive, with an open percentage of 29% and a CTO rate of 28,5%.

Abandoned cart

In the past the abandoned shopping carts where manually followed up by a sales representative, but since the launch of the abandoned cart campaign that’s no longer necessary. The most imported improvement with the automated campaign is that it’s a lot less time-consuming. Additionally, the conversion rate of the abandoned carts has increased.

Review mailing

Since April 2014, customers receive a review mail linking to a three question survey three weeks after their order. Before the automated campaign was fired away, a mail was sent to all customers who had already placed an order in the running year. General results of the review mail are continuing to exceed expectations, with a CTO of nearly 40%.

The open questions proved to be most valuable. Besides a lot of compliments on the quick delivery and outstanding service, customers also shared feedback, leading to improvements to e.g. the main navigation.

Winback mail

In order to retain inactive customers, JEKA decided to introduce a winback email 1 year after the last purchase. In order to get off to a good start, just like with the review mailing, a mail was sent to all customers who had not made a purchase for over a year. After this mail, the automated retention mail was scheduled to be sent daily.


Because JEKA was keen on managing their campaigns in-house, Peter-Paul and his team started with exploring Copernica. In no time the ecommerce team at JEKA became Fundamental certified users. “We found the video tutorials, online documentation and personal support from Copernica very efficient to get comfortable with the basics”, Peter-Paul Blom remarks. For the Advanced training, JEKA chose to free time to attend a personal training at the offices of one of the Copernica partners. In this way, they were able to exchange ideas and share experiences.

“Thanks to Copernica JEKA has been able to take its email marketing campaigns to a higher level. For us, email still is one of the most import marketing channels. In the past we used other email marketing software, but it did not have the possibility to automate mails. We’ve made our first steps and the initial results have inspired us to automate even more touch points.”

Plans for the future

More campaigns are planned for the future, including lead nurturing of prospects who requested samples, welcome campaigns for new newsletter subscribers and for new customers. Also, in order to accommodate local demands, the content of the existing campaigns will be translated into more languages. Lastly, in order to create even richer profiles in Copernica, JEKA has approached a Copernica partner to integrate their CRM system with Copernica.

About JEKA


 is a global leading specialist in the field of identification, labeling and safety in warehouses, distribution centers and industrial- or production environments. Generally recognized as the worldwide market leader, JEKA’s products are used by companies like Nike, Pepsi, DHL and Scania.

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