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KPMG launches ‘customer experience cloud’ in collaboration with Microsoft | B2B Marketing

KPMG and Microsoft have launched a ‘customer experience cloud’ in an attempt to combat the perceived lack of good CX in businesses.

Last year, professional services company KPMG found 87% of businesses had not seen any significant improvements in their customer experience.

The new software aims to combine customer and operational insights, offering the facilities to redesign customer journeys, engage colleagues, improve employee experiences and aim for higher ROI.

This follows the announcement of KPMG’s global alliance with Microsoft earlier this year, which has resulted in the cloud being powered by Microsoft Azure.

The company’s acquirement of CX specialist Nunwood Consulting in 2015 has guided the business’ focus toward enhancing customer experience.

Research by B2B Marketing discovered

96% of B2B buyers are influenced by customer experience

when deciding whether to renew a relationship with a supplier.

Tim Knight, MD at KPMG Nunwood, said: “Global demand for voice of the customer technology is growing fast for a good reason; using these systems to achieve a top customer experience ranking can double a business’s revenue growth. However, for many this link is broken: in the last year, just 13% of UK and US brands were able to deliver a clear improvement in their customer experience.

“KPMG customer experience cloud has been designed to address this gap. We’ve seen huge appetite from clients of all sizes to move on from sterile debates about feedback and metrics, to focus on making better decisions redesigning journeys and creating financially-grounded business cases.”

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