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LinkedIn launches lead generation forms for sponsored posts | B2B Marketing

LinkedIn has announced the release of a new tool that allows marketers to collect higher quality leads on mobile.

Called Lead Gen Forms, the feature automatically populates an in-app form with a user’s profile information when they click an ad in a Sponsored Content post, eliminating the need to manually enter information.

Some 80% of engagement on Sponsored Content posts occurs via mobile, yet LinkedIn hopes to expand the feature to desktop over the next few months.

Divye Khilnani, group product manager at LinkedIn, said: “Once someone submits a Lead Gen Form, you’ll get a comprehensive lead record that includes that person’s name and contact info, company name, seniority, job title, location and more.

“Because this lead data comes from the member’s up-to-date LinkedIn profile, it’s typically more accurate and complete than what you’d get from traditional website forms, where people can enter false or partial information.”

More recently, LinkedIn has announced the release of a new tool that

allows marketers to place sponsored content on third-party publishing sites

, while a new mobile-specific feature means users can now

upload native video directly to their


 via LinkedIn’s app.

According to a recent study from Hootsuite,

LinkedIn has 106 million active global monthly users

, some way behind rivals Twitter (328 million), Instagram (700 million) and Facebook (2.7 billion).

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