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LinkedIn launches programmatic buying for display ads, redesigns Dynamic Ads | B2B Marketing

LinkedIn announced the roll out of

programmatic buying

for display ads, enabling B2B marketers to leverage their preferred buying platform to buy ads.

“You have the option to purchase our display ads programmatically either through an Open Auction or via LinkedIn Private Auctions,” said Russell Glass, head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. “Both give you the flexibility and control to reach your target audiences on LinkedIn. If you’re already buying programmatically, Open Auction is the fastest way to buy LinkedIn Display Ads programmatically. For advertisers looking for additional targeting capabilities, the Private Auction is a great option.”

The company said that for B2B marketers deploying their own first- or third-party data like website visitors and CRM contacts, Private Auction provides the ability to explicitly target as a placement. In addition, the new purchasing option enables advertisers to target select LinkedIn audience segments (for example, “IT decision makers”) if marketers don’t want to use their own data.

Separately, LinkedIn announced that it has given its

Dynamic Ads

product a makeover to help B2B marketers ramp up engagement with their target audiences.

The redesigned ad product will feature a cleaner look and feel, and prominently place calls-to-action and images to help advertisers drive engagement. Dynamic Ads gives B2B marketers the ability to deliver personalized messages to their target audience using LinkedIn creative.

“Advertisers use this native ad format to create customized creative templates that dynamically populate with profile images and relevant content based on the skills, interests, and career history of the individual member viewing the ad. The content itself is also targeted and optimized based on the contextual elements of the page being viewed, such as companies mentioned,” said Jack Moore, senior product manager at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

The company said Dynamic Ads can be used to achieve a range of advertising goals, including driving website conversions, new followers to LinkedIn Company Pages or showcasing job opportunities.

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