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LinkedIn most popular social media platform for content marketing | B2B Marketing

LinkedIn has edged out Twitter as the most popular social channel for content marketers, according to a recent study from the

Content Marketing Institute


Ninety-three per cent of respondents used LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategy, narrowly edging out Twitter at 92 per cent.

YouTube was the next most used social platform, jumping from 68 per cent last year to 81 per cent this year, overtaking Facebook (78 per cent) and Google+ (74 per cent) in the process.

Although, on average, content marketers employed six social media channels, many platforms were used by less than 50 per cent of respondents.

These included SlideShare (49 per cent), Instagram (39 per cent), Pinterest (36 per cent), Vimeo (32 per cent) and Vine (15 per cent).

The least used social channels were iTunes (14 per cent), Tumblr (12 per cent), Snapchat (six per cent), Periscope (five per cent) and Medium (three per cent).

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