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Low-Cost Marketing Methods to Expand Your Business | B2B Marketing

Every ambitious entrepreneur wants to see there business grow. After all, growth means more customers, more market share and more revenue. While your message should be focused, you should seek to reach as large an audience as possible.

Effective marketing should include both paid and unpaid methods, however, meaning that every campaign must be underpinned by a viable budget. If you are to optimise the reach of your campaign, you will therefore need to identify low cost marketing techniques that deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Low-cost Marketing Ideas that can drive your Businesses Expansion

With this in mind,

here are three low-cost marketing methods you can use to expand your business

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Create a Content Rich SEO Strategy

Nowadays, search is the most popular way a potential customer is going to learn about or identify your company. Three search engines, Google, Baidu, and Yahoo, currently make up the top five of the current Alexa rankings, and this why it pays to be on top of search engine optimisation.

This alludes to various SEO methods for increasing the amount of traffic to your site, such as using keywords or reclaiming broken links.

Statistics show that almost a third of web traffic goes to the number one result on Google

. Similarly, the tenth result, the last one on the first page, accounts for only 2.4% of clicks. Being placed higher can have dramatic effects on the amount of people visiting your site on a daily basis.

So although the boundaries of SEO may have been changed by Google’s constantly updated algorithms, this remains a viable technique for increasing your websites visibility. In order to achieve this successfully, however, you will need to base your strategy on a high quality of branded content and use this to drive all external links.

Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy

It’s no longer a question of if a business should have a social media account. The platforms have become a mainstay in many people’s live, and offer an incredible gateway to interact with your customers and solicit feedback.

In the UK, over a third of people of the population check Facebook

on a daily basis. In developing worlds, we’re seeing similar levels on enthusiasm for the industry. India now has 118m active users on sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Contrary to what you might think, maintaining a successful online presence doesn’t have to be a big responsibility either.

Take advantage of tools like Hootsuite to access all of your feeds from one location, as this single platform makes it easier to promote a consistent and easy to manage brand identity. In addition to this, you will also need to ensure that you create a carefully tailored and integrated social media strategy, and one which encompasses sites that reach out to a



Make the Most of Traditional Marketing

Last, but certainly not least, is traditional marketing methods outside of the online world. Emails may have replaced sending out physical letters as a low-cost and more practical alternative, but events like trade shows are still viable mediums for growing your brand. If you also look at how

the government is reducing jobs tax

to save businesses up to £2,000 per annum, this money can be used to drive traditional marketing methods.

The benefit to situations like these is that you know for sure that the majority of attendees are interested in your products or services, whether on a personal or professional level. This removes much of the cost associated with online marketing, where you have to use data analysis to target potential customers. It’s also an opportunity to network with potential partners and, of course, keep an eye on what the competition’s up to.

What’s important to remember is that different demographics are more likely to engage with your business through particular mediums. A good marketing strategy aims to appeal to all of their sensibilities, wherever they may be.

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