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Majority of B2B companies struggle to generate insights from content marketing

Some 94% of B2B companies struggle to collect meaningful insights from they content they create due to a disconnect between marketing and content delivery, research has found.

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Forrester Consulting

surveyed 214 B2B marketing sales and decision-makers in the UK and US. Nearly half of respondents reported that businesses lose content value due to an inability to structure useful insights.

Additionally, a third of respondents felt they did not have enough time and expertise to analyse buyer insights. Some 40% of businesses cited having poorly tagged content and 38% pointed out low traffic and visits as the reason for the

lack of insights.

However, the study reported that 48% of departments that implemented interactive content that provided buyer insights, generally found it improved lead generation processes.

Nick Mason, CEO and founder of Turtl, said: “There is a common and often overlooked problem with the vast majority of content marketing. Modern businesses are driven by data and insights, but marketers continue to deliver content in outdated and obsolete formats, like PDFs, that offer no insights once the content has left the inbox. This makes it very difficult to ascertain how the content has actually performed and how it has been received by the audience, which is clearly damaging the sector’s reputation. It’s vital that marketers keep pace with modern business practices, if we are to stay relevant.”

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