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Making sure your telecom firm is attracting the best talent | B2B Marketing

The blossoming growth of the telecom industry is well documented and there are very few signs of a slowdown.  This is good news for businesses in the sector. However, the businesses reaping the benefits of this growth are those that have been able to bring in a workforce with the right skills and fitting them into the right roles.

“Recruiting the best talent is now more important than ever for telecom companies, as such talent is important in any period of expansion as the business continues to move forward” says Jack at, telecoms executive search

experts. “This is why we have seen an increase in the number of telecom companies looking to quality recruitment firms to supply them with the right manpower needed to give their business a competitive edge in the market” he concludes.

Here are quality tips that will help telecom companies to make the most of the growth of the industry through effective hiring and management of talent.

Focus on making your brand attractive to new graduates

Companies need to understand the fact that the universities are the best place to hunt for talent. Many companies are already making investments in university hiring in a bid to meet their growth demands. The competition between different companies is stiff on this front so businesses are going out of their way to advertise their “promise” to these highly talented new graduates. Ability to properly communicate this promise lies in knowing what it takes to have the right kind of dialogue with the graduates. However, while targeting this group, focus must not only be on telecom engineers.  Fields such as marketing and finance should also receive attention.

It is important to invest time into properly understanding what makes each individual unique rather than treating them all as one group. By going the extra mile, it will be easier for businesses to single out future leaders that will help the business expand further in future.

Focus on effective change management in your mergers

In many cases, growth leads to rapid change. A perfect example is the number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the industry. The

Comcast-Time Warner deal is talk of the moment

but there have been

other big mergers in the past year


The size of these deals is often the focus but one thing that is often ignored is the effect of the merger on the workforce. Companies need to focus more on creating a work force that combines the most positive qualities of both companies and this can only be achieved if the companies have high quality leaders. Working together, the leaders will be able to implement effective change management that will leave the newly formed business with a high quality workforce.

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