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Mapping the small business customer journey | B2B Marketing

Download this free report to find out how to design and make an impact on the SME customer journey

Small businesses don’t enjoy being treated like enterprise prospects. Yet it’s an error many B2B marketers make.

Any organisation serious about gaining a share of the UK’s £1.8 trillion small business market, should be aware that a bite-sized enterprise proposal won’t impress ‘bite-sized’ business owners. They want to be listened to and understood on their own merits.

We spoke with CMOs directly marketing to small firms to uncover the differences between the buying journeys of small businesses and enterprise customers. We asked how they map the small business customer journey and where B2B marketers can make the biggest impact.

Download this free, 20-page report to find out:

  • What makes the SME customer journey different to that of an enterprise customer.
  • How to segment your audience.
  • How to track your customer touchpoints.
  • How marketing can make an impact on the SME journey at each of its four stages: Awareness, consideration, purchase, and post-purchase.

Mapping the small business customer journey

“The first thing to recognise is that no SME would ever classify themselves as an SME! It’s a catch-all term invented by enterprise-focused vendors for a market that is usually not their hunting ground.”

Dan Roche, director, partner marketing, Automation Anywhere

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