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Market Segmentation as a Strategy for B2B Marketing | B2B Marketing

Companies and organizations buy products and services to support production of their goods and services, indirectly or directly. Selling goods and services to these companies requires you to have strategies in order to make the best out of B2B marketing as a vendor. Various strategies exist; with one of the most effective ones being

market segmentation


What is Market Segmentation?

This refers to the division of the target market into discrete groups depending on similar requirements for a service or a product. Each segment differs from the other one in terms of individual needs and the purchasing behavior. This is why you find that you can’t achieve the same success within all segments.

Examples of Relevant Segments for a Target Market

You can come up with various segments to make your B2B marketing successful. Here are examples of the criteria you can use to create functional segments:

• Segmentation by size: this is based on the size of the particular company’s sales revenues or the number of employees.

• Segmentation by customer: you can divide the B2B market into discrete groups that are based on the products’ specifications of the buyer.

These and many other segments give you access to a wider market. For instance, proper market segmentation can open up foreign markets for your local business.

Why Should you Consider Market Segmentation?

The benefits of market segmentation in your B2B marketing efforts are many. Here is why you need to have it performed the right way:

Understand Your Opportunities

Market segmentation enables you as a marketer to compare marketing opportunities in different segments. This is possible via studying customer needs and their business potential, the level of competition, and the satisfaction levels in individual market segments.

Utilize Custom Marketing Strategies

No single strategy will work for all segments in a market. Market segmentation gives you the opportunity to develop custom, working strategies tailored for each segment in the market. However, this only works if you have adequate resources for marketing.

What if you have limited resources? This is especially if you are a small business or you are just starting out. In this case, you need to identify a few market segments that are fruitful and concentrate on them. You can still use custom strategies on these few segments.

Manage Your Finances Better

One thing that will take your business to the other level is proper financial management. The best way to manage your finances is to come up with practical budgets. With market segmentation, budget allocation of available resources is effective. This helps you to use your market revenues efficiently.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to B2B marketing and especially market segmentation, you need a company that understands the trends in the market. Segments also change from time to time, and this requires a dedicated team to do it for you. You need to work with professionals to understand components of the business market and

how segmentation can help you


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