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Marketers crave more money over perks | B2B Marketing

Marketing professionals would prefer to receive higher pay in place of perks, according to a study by



Despite almost half (47 per cent) of marketers receiving perks at work, 93 per cent of workers would opt for better pay given the choice.

However, 88 per cent of respondents said they would feel happier if they were offered more perks, although over a third (35 per cent) don’t believe workplace perks are important when considering new job opportunities.

According to respondents, the most popular perks are free food (29 per cent), more holiday, travel tickets and money-savers (all 18 per cent).

Lee Biggins, founder and MD of CV-Library commented: “When run effectively, workplace perks can go great lengths to creating a happy and productive workforce.

“However, it’s important that perks aren’t used as a replacement for fair salaries and bonus schemes, especially if you’re bringing staff on-board in January, when many employees experience a funding drought after the Christmas period.”

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