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Marketers lack training in key skills essential for the future | B2B Marketing

Half of marketers believe they do not have the skills which have been deemed crucial in the industry’s future.

According to the

Professional Skills Census

by The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), 49% of marketers have not received training that will help them adapt the future direction of marketing.

The report attempted to uncover the challenges marketers faced in trying to keep their skill set relevant.

Jane Cave, MD of IDM said marketers needed to nurture the skills they will use in the future as well as those they use today. “In a fast-changing environment, it’s important for marketers and the businesses they work for that they continue to cultivate a range of skills,” she said.

It was discovered there were 13 key skills gaps marketers need to fill.

Only half currently have training in top priority skills which include mobile marketing, marketing automation, analysing customer data, appraising employee performance, and optimising campaigns.

Cave added: “To attract and retain talented staff, and remain relevant in an environment that thrives on innovation, organisations need to promote a culture of continuous upskilling and reward employees for their professional development.”

The census asked 377 marketers to rate the importance of 33 skills within their current role and also in the future for career progression.

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