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MARKETING AUTOMATION NEWS: Marketo integrates Salesforce’s Chatter | B2B Marketing

Revenue cycle management company Marketo has launched Chatter for Sales Insight on’s ChatterExchange.

The integration between Marketo Sales Insight and Salesforce Chatter aims to increase sales effectiveness with real-time feeds allowing sales professionals to prioritise their best leads and opportunities and drive greater revenue through the revenue cycle.

With Marketo Sales Insight, a native application, sales professionals can use Salesforce Chatter to follow all their sales leads and contacts. Marketo Sales Insight augments the Chatter feeds by adding status updates that summarize the interesting behaviors and online activity from leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.

This information helps sales professionals know who to contact next and prioritise their time on the best leads and opportunities. Together, Marketo Sales Insight and Salesforce Chatter enable sales professionals to be better prepared at every stage of the revenue cycle to deliver the right response to the right sales leads at the right time to ensure the right revenue results.

“Marketo is keenly focused on providing innovative solutions to improve sales and marketing effectiveness,” said Phil Fernandez, president and CEO, Marketo. “Our integration with Salesforce Chatter provides an additional layer of knowledge about sales prospects, enabling sales professionals to engage with prospects with the exact information required to close more business faster.”

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