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Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies | B2B Marketing


Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies

Making it big in your IT lead generation can be daunting. While it’s easy to draft specific goals for your organization, the

hardest part is finding the right methods

that strike a perfect balance in terms of

quantity, quality



in acquiring IT sales leads.

In many cases however, some marketers nod at the notion that more spending means better results.

Then again, the most successful telecom companies – notwithstanding their capability to fund expensive campaigns – remain the most frugal in creating the best techniques that attract a constant supply of quality telecom lead.


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If finding that perfect balance means the world to you, consider following from these examples dispensed by three of the world’s best performing IT suppliers and service providers.

Virgin Mobile’s focus on partnership and approachability

In this Huffington Post


, US telecommunications giant Virgin Mobile led a campaign centering on “friendliness and approachability” towards its target demographic, young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 years old. With around 47% owning smartphones, the company saw countless opportunities in this connectivity-defined segment. A strategic partnership with Buzzfeed was all it took for Virgin to produce relatable and engaging content that satisfied existing subscribers and attracted new ones. Its successful VirginMobileFeed is a concrete example of the significant impact of knowing and giving exactly what the market wants. But more importantly linkages with other influential brands are needed by B2B IT service providers to enjoy the same gains as Virgin Mobile had.

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Diversified multichannel marketing as sweet as an Orange

In Britain, Orange Telecomm followed through with its own content strategy by giving users a whole range of experiences through a diverse mix of content. Reiterating Virgin, the company placed engagement at the heart of its marketing campaign, researching on audience interest and giving in to client expectations, but the similarities end there. Aside from an informative blog, Orange successfully maximizes its brand awareness campaign through an effective arsenal of interactive content with a high focus on AV material targeting specific audience pain points.

AT&T’s human harmony

While the two preceding telecom providers focus mainly on engagement, AT&T possesses a more narrowed-down attitude in having clients satisfied. When AT&T VP for brand communications Greg Heard revealed the

“Rethink Possible”

tagline, the company created promotions emphasizing the positive impact its products can deliver to its multi-layered client base. The campaign proves to that client-centric IT branding (spanning both B2B and B2C markets) can build empathetic and highly advantageous relationships.





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Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies


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