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Martech Awards case study: How Integrate won Gold for ‘Martech vendor of the year’

B2B buyers have changed. They’re charting their own paths to purchase with all-digital, sales-free, self-serve journeys across multiple channels, and B2B marketers need to adapt. 

Integrate is one of the few vendors in the martech space that understands this shift and is committed to supporting its customers in today’s new world of B2B with buyer-driven, omnichannel solutions that enable B2B marketers to activate, govern, and measure marketing campaigns across demand channels. 

Integrate is enabling marketers to launch cross-channel buyer experiences, ensure data integrity, measure the impact of their programs, and inform the next best investments. It is moving toward a B2B Precision Demand Marketing world to support its customers to create more precise and personalised buying experiences that reach the right buyer with the right message at the right point in their buying journey, and ultimately convert more leads to revenue. High growth customers from companies such as Ivanti, Dynatrace, Tenable, Splunk, Akamai, Microsoft, and others rely on Integrate to power their cross-channel Precision Demand Marketing strategies. 

About Integrate

In 2019, Integrate made two acquisitions – an event lead management and an ABM advertising platform – which were successfully merged with its existing capabilities to form its current offering, the Demand Acceleration Platform. 

Today, Integrate activates, governs, and measures marketing campaigns across demand channels. This enables marketers to launch cross-channel buyer experiences, ensure data integrity, measure the impact of their programs, and inform the next best investments. Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform helps create more precise and personalised buying experiences that reach the right buyer with the right message at the right point in their buying journey, and ultimately convert more leads to revenue. The platform brings together account-based marketing, demand generation, lead generation, events, and social capabilities into a single platform.Integrate allow marketers to connect engagement at all parts of the funnel, from content syndication to attract new buyers at the top, through webinars, in-person events and display advertising, to understanding what individual account members are doing. 

About Integrate’s solutions 

  • Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) centralizes, connects, and elevates multi-channel B2B buying experiences to accelerate demand and convert more leads to revenue. 
  • Precision Digital leverages DAP to combine digital ads and content syndication to enable B2B marketers to better utilize their top of funnel campaigns. 
  • Precision Events leverages DAP with access to event lead management capabilities and universal mobile app to enable B2B marketers to deliver more buyer-driven experiences at in-person and virtual events. 
  • Precision Syndication leverages DAP with access to Integrate’s content syndication capabilities to enable B2B marketers to better utilize their media partners and drive more leads from their content syndication efforts. 
  • Precision Social leverages DAP to unlock the ability to activate social campaigns and boost social conversion rates 2-3x. 

In 2022, Integrate’s product innovation themes include cross-channel activation and insight, flexible integrations, unified product experience, enhanced governance and intelligence, and enhanced enterprise scalability. The company is also providing a more flexible, user-friendly experience. 

About Integrate’s customers 

Integrate’s customers include enterprise and high-growth companies, includingSalesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Akamai, RedHat, Pluralsight, Splunk and others. 

Personas include CMOs, marketing ops, and demand generation professionals. 

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and development 

Integrate’s customer retention rate in 2021 was 82% – an increase of ~10% from the previous year and its net dollar retention for 2021 was 127%. 

Customers such as Dell, VMWare, Red Hat, Workday, and Citrix have all been Integrate customers for over 6 years. 


Examples of press coverage:

  • MarTech: “We’re betting B2B marketing will be all but unrecognizable a year from now. Customer-driven journeys, more self-service and less dealing with reps, omnichannel engagement, and a slowly developing recognition that there are more nuanced metrics than numbers of leads. Integrate is one of the vendors in the space that seems to understand this and we’ll be watching how it leverages this new funding.” 
  • Diginomica: “The key to Integrate’s DAP is its data capabilities. Integrate has a built-in CDP that cleans, validates, and verifies the data coming in before it’s sent to marketing automation or the CRM (this includes ensuring compliance with privacy regulations)…Other capabilities include content syndication…And, of course, it has capabilities for tracking, measuring, and improving performance.” 

2021 Awards 

  • Inc. 5000.
  • MarTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Overall MarTech solution.” 
  • aaS Award finalist for “Best SaaS Product for Sales and Marketing.” 

G2 badges in the past year: 

  • Users Love Us.

Winter 2022: 

  • Best Support.
  • Fastest Implementation Mid-Market.
  • Easiest Setup Mid-Market.
  • Best Meets Requirements. 
  • Easiest Admin Mid-Market. 
  • Best Est. ROI.

Autumn 2021: 

  • Best Est. ROI.
  • Best Support Mid-Market.
  • Fastest Implementation Mid-Market.

Summer 2021: 

  • Best Support Mid-Market.
  • Best Meets Requirements Enterprise.
  • Best Support Enterprise.
  • Spring 2021: Best Support Mid-Market.

Tech enhancements 

In the past year, Integrate has launched several new solutions to support marketers in today’s new world, including: 

  • Demand Acceleration Platform.
  • Precision Events.
  • Precision Syndication.
  • Precision Digital.
  • Precision Social.

Market engagement and/or leadership 

Integrate is championing the category of Precision Demand Marketing, the next chapter of B2B marketing that takes a buyer-driven, omnichannel, and account-based approach to creating meaningful connections with buyers. 

Industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner have been predicting this convergence of ABM and demand for several years now, and the pandemic has only served to accelerate this shift in the market. 

Integrate’s spokespeople, including CEO, Jeremy Bloom; CMO, Deb Wolf; and VP of Product Marketing, Colby Cavanaugh have all contributed thought leadership across leading MarTech publications and events such as B2B Marketing, Ignite London, MarTech, Demand Gen Report, ABM in Action, B2BMX/B2BSMX, CMSWire, Advertising Week etc. Integrate has a forthcoming book on the Precision Demand Marketing mandate due out in May 2022. 

Additionally, the martech community has begun to adopt the Precision Demand Marketing language: 

  • MarTech Series has a tag for “Precision Demand Marketing.”
  • Ivanti’s marketing team has a role for a “Precision Demand Marketer.” 
  • TrustRadius has a Precision Demand Marketing section.

And martech press has reported on this shift: 

  • Diginomica: “B2B companies need Account-Based Marketing, but it shouldn’t be a standalone strategy implemented by a separate team.” 
  • MarTech: “The radical evolution of the B2B buyer is unmistakable…the central point Cavanaugh makes here is that, while the technology to support the new buying process is being developed, marketing organizations don’t yet have — or are not yet using — the right success metrics for this new environment.” 

Business performance 

In 2021, Integrate achieved nearly 80% subscription ARR growth and was acquired by leading private equity firm, Audax Private Equity, in December 2021. 

In EMEA, Integrate’s London team achieved 160% year-over-year revenue growth in EMEA and nearly doubled in size to about 40 employees today. 

Customer/audience testimonial 

In 2021, Integrate helped their customers process 18+ million marketable and compliant leads, which amounts to $720 million in collective pipeline. Integrate also saved their customers 740,000 hours spent on pursing bad leads, rejected 4.4 million unmarketable leads, and saved customers $21.3 million with governance engine. 

“Integrate also frees up time for me and the team to build out more customer-focused strategies and quickly pivot, especially in a year where agility has been so important,” – SAP Concur

“Solutions like Integrate allow us to reach key personas and accounts around the world in a highly scalable way without having to sacrifice precision,” – Ivanti 

“Integrate has been integral to the evolution and optimization of our marketing engine over the past 4+ years,” – Akamai Technologies

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