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Maximizing your webinar engagement – before, during and after | B2B Marketing | Webinar marketing

Download this free guide to unlock the potential of your webinars and turn them into a powerhouse marketing channel

Think of a webinar and you’ll probably bring to mind a dry PowerPoint presentation, narrated in a monotone followed by a truncated question and answer session.

Think again.

Leading companies are rapidly transforming the humble webinar into a powerhouse marketing channel, driving engagement with prospects and customers at all levels of the sales funnel to generate a multitude of new insights. Webinars have untapped potential, and we’ve published this guide to help you unlock their latent capability.

Download this guide right now to discover:

  • What makes the webinars of today different to those of the past
  • The best times and days to hold a webinar to maximize engagement
  • Proven tips to drive more registrations
  • How to engage your audience (and get them to return for more)
  • How to make the most of the leads you’ve gathered.

Maximizing your webinar engagement – before, during and after

“Engagement is the key to marketing, and webinars are engagement at scale”

Mark Bornstein, VP content marketing, On24

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