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Mobile app usage in significant decline

New and repeat usage of mobile apps is starting to plateau in UK, France and Germany, according to new Adobe



The US experienced the greatest decline, with app downloads falling by 38% since 2014, with Europe behind following as app installs declined by 5% in the same time.

However, with 50% of apps being used more than ten times, it is clear mobile apps can still play a key role in driving brand loyalty.

January brings an average 9% rise in mobile and app traffic following Christmas mobile device sales, but the gain is immediately lost in February and is not recovered during the year.

While app use is generally on the decline, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is going from strength to strength: since April 2016, Google AMP page hits have grown almost fivefold, and now account for 7% of all news article clicks globally.

John Watton, EMEA marketing director at Adobe commented: “If marketers get mobile apps right, they can be crucial in boosting repeat visits and loyalty. 

“With this in mind, it is critical for brands to look at ways of making the mobile app and browsing experience more compelling and relevant for their consumers, whether through more personalised experiences or with the integration of new technologies such as mobile wallets or location beacons.”

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