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MOBILE NEWS: Facebook announces new features for mobile app ads | B2B Marketing

Facebook has announced a range of new features for its mobile app ads in order to allow businesses to drive engagement and conversations.

The features aim to help businesses reach people that have already downloaded their apps, and direct them back into specific features, content or products within the app.

Businesses advertising on the social network can choose from seven different calls to action within mobile app ads, including ‘open link’ or ‘use app.  Plus, the network ahs introduced a range of call to actions, such as ‘shop now’, ‘play game’ and ‘book now’.

In a

blog post

the company commented: “Businesses are also faced with the challenge of getting people to return and remain active within their apps. According to a study conducted by Localytics, one of our Mobile Measurement Partners, 66 per cent of app users only open apps between one and 10 times.”



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