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Most trusted B2B brands revealed

Brands that create emotional engagement and loyalty are the most trusted, according to research by Brand Keys.

The Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

surveyed 51,673 respondents. It found PayPal as the top online payments company, while FedEx succeeded in parcel delivery. Discover, Chase, Konica Minolta, HP, Samsung, Turbo Tax, Dropbox, Microsoft and AT&T also took the top spot in their respective categories.

Interestingly Apple fell behind Samsung in the smartphone category and Microsoft in the computer category, despite topping

the Global Brands Report as the first $200 billion company late last year. 

Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, said companies looking to guarantee profits can’t do better than loyal customers. “Decision-making has become increasingly emotionally-driven over the past decade. But the addition of increased expectations for brand trust has radically altered the category landscape. Neither ‘business as usual’ nor ‘more social networking’ with cut it in this new brand landscape. Brands have to move loyalty to the top of their to-do lists.”

Credit cards

1. Discover, 2. American Express, 3. Capital One, 4. Chase, 5. Visa/Mastercard


1. Chase, 2. Citibank, 3. PNC, 4. Bank of New York, 5. Capital One, 6. TD Bank, 7. Bank of America, 8. Wells Fargo

Multi-function printers and copiers

1. Konica Minolta, 2. Epson, 3. Canon, 4. HP, 5. Brother / Dell


1. HP, 2. Canon, 3. Epson, 4. Brother, 5. Dell / Lexmark


1. Samsung, 2. Apple, 3. HTC, 4. LG, 5. Nokia

Tax preparation

1. Turbo Tax, 2. H&R Block, 3. Tax Act, 4. Liberty Tax

File hosting

1. Dropbox, 2. Box, 3. Sabercat, 4. Google Drive, 5. One Drive


1. Microsoft, 2. Apple, 3. Samsung, 4. Asus, 5. Acer


1. AT&T, 2. Verizon, 3. T-Mobile, 4. Sprint, 5. US Cellular

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