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Nearly half of brands have digital experience teams

48% of brands have introduced a dedicated digital experience team to shape customer experiences and journeys across digital channels.

The trend was found as part of the

Defining Digital Experience


– conducted by Clicktale – which surveyed 200 marketers from UK and US brands to uncover the

state of digital experience


The study found some still felt the responsibilities of digital experience belonged to marketing and digital departments; 31% believe ownership lies with marketing and 27% feel it lies with the organisation’s digital teams.

Sara Richter, CMO at Clicktale, said digital experience has become

a key differentiator for businesses

to the extent that its almost ahead of products and prices.

“Many businesses today get few actual face-to-face interactions with customers,” said Richter. “So, if a brand wants to foster loyalty and repeat revenue, it’s becoming ever more important to understand customers beyond just demographics and purchase history.

“Assigning a dedicated team may be a great first step to building this understanding, but without the right data and analytical ability, it’s difficult to create and shape an effective digital experience approach. Only by gathering true behavioural data and having technologies and analysts in place to draw insights from that data can brands behind to understand their customers on a more intimate level. That in turn will empower brands to build and

optimise digital experiences

that better serve customers and drive repeat revenue.”

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