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NetLine adds new ABM feature

NetLine is claiming to be the first marketing technology provider to offer self-service account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities directly within a content syndication lead generation portal. 

ABM is a new addition to the brand’s NetLine Portal, which the company says will provide marketers with the ability to run their own hyper-targeted campaigns on demand.

NetLine Portal uses native content syndication to match it clients’ content with their target audience. Marketers will be able to target prospects by job level, area, company size, industry and geographic region. They’ll also be able to upload a target account list, and only generate leads from prospects working at one of the named target accounts.

NetLine CEO and founder, Robert Alvin, commented: “We’re concerned that B2B marketers are restricting their ABM efforts to display advertising and retargeting because more advanced tactics such as native content syndication are less accessible and more complex.”

New Account-Based Marketing and Hyper-Targeting Capabilities Added to the NetLine Portal

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