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NetLine launches self-service portal | B2B Marketing


, which bills itself as the No. 1 B2B content syndication lead-gen network, announced at Content Marketing World that it is giving on-demand access to its network to both self-serve and full-service clients.

David Fortino, senior VP of audience and product at NetLine, said opening up the platform is important for the company because it democratizes access to its audience. Historically, he said, NetLine has been largely focused on the needs of enterprise marketers with deep pockets. Now small and mid-sized companies and agencies can run advanced lead-gen programs via a single portal.

“Through the massive relaunch and reposition released here at CMW, businesses of all sizes can now gain access to our audience of 125 million professionals, thereby making lead-generation success a viable option for growing their business,” Fortino said.

The self-service NetLine Portal provides enhanced reporting capabilities and lead management capabilities, which enable B2B marketers to immediately launch a campaign, pull reports, optimize strategies and access their leads.​

B2B marketers can create a free account for the new self-service NetLine Portal



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