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News: B2B Marketing and Harvard want your nominations for the B2B tech marketing innovators index

B2B Marketing and technology marketing and PR agency


are joining forces to find the world’s top 25 innovators in B2B technology marketing. We want to identify and celebrate the people who are truly leading the charge in terms of innovative marketing in the technology sector.

So, what qualifies you as an innovator? Well, we’re looking for marketers who are:

  • Transformational:

    Tech marketers who have actively transformed the way their marketing department or organisation works, through their fresh ideas and different approaches to marketing (whether that’s through targeting, measurement, campaigns, or otherwise).

  • Challengers:

    Tech marketers who have not just transformed their own organisation’s mindset and strategy, but who have made a noticeable change in their market, whether that’s through the perception of their brand, expectation from their customers, or something else.

  • Virtuosos:

    The tech marketers who are pushing the boundaries of what is expected when it comes to their use of data, digital marketing or a specific technology. We all know how most marketers use a given platform, but are you someone who’s done something truly ground-breaking or industry-leading here?

  • Free-thinkers:

    Tech marketers who have a grand vision for the future of tech marketing. These are the people that have the foresight and expertise to know what’s coming next, and how to prepare and get there.

Want to nominate yourself (or indeed someone else)? Why not fill out the form


, to be in with a chance of making it into our exclusive index.

In order to establish just who makes it into the index, B2B Marketing and Harvard have put together a world class panel, featuring:

  • Dr. Christine Bailey, CMO, PassFort
  • Tricia Stinton, head of marketing, UKI, Cognizant, and Hive ambassador for the Propolis Growth Hive.
  • Jana Savchenko, director of B2B marketing, Deliveroo
  • Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief, B2B Marketing
  • Andrew Last, managing director, marketing, Harvard

Want to learn more about the panel? Why not head to the


now to learn more!

Once our panel has separated the best from the rest, and settled on the ultimate list of tech innovators, we’ll be publishing a full report, which will be available on the site in early 2021.

This report will see the judges break down exactly why the top 25 were selected and will include interviews with some of the innovators themselves. We’ll seek to understand what these people are doing that’s so worthy of celebrating, and perhaps how you can follow suit.

Andrew Last, managing director, marketing, Harvard, said: “We’re all aware of how hugely challenging the last 18 months has been, yet technology has had such a profound impact on people’s lives and society. So now feels like the ideal time to shine a light on brilliant tech marketers and celebrate the extraordinary work that’s been achieved across our industry. In turn, I’m hoping that these stories will inspire other marketers to do things differently in their organisations – continuing to push boundaries and propel the industry.”

If you have any questions about the index, feel free to email the editor at B2B Marketing:

[email protected]

About Harvard

Harvard is a leading technology marketing and PR agency, helping some of the most exciting technology brands globally make their move. Their team of passionate specialists combine deep industry expertise with a breadth of services to deliver smart and bold campaigns and programmes that cut across owned, earned and paid media. See their work



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