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News: B2B Marketing’s Agency of the Year, Digital Radish, joins Selbey Anderson Group

Digital Radish

, the ABM and brand agency for high-growth B2B businesses, has become part of

Selbey Anderson

, the fast-growing creative agency group.

The move marks Digital Radish’s next stage of growth, following a year which saw it double in size and win Agency of the Year 2021 at the

B2B Marketing Awards

Since Selbey Anderson opened its doors in 2018, it has set up two agencies and acquired nine more – Digital Radish will be its tenth agency, bringing ABM specialism into the group’s service portfolio.  

Founded by Lorna Charlish and Renaye Edwards in 2013, who will both remain at the agency, Digital Radish works with businesses at moments of strategic transition. It has won

B2B Marketing Awards

every year since its inception, winning four in 2021, including Best Content and Best Sales Enablement, in addition to B2B Agency of the Year. 

Its clients include Infosys, Exasol, Citrix and Oracle, and its services span brand strategy, ABM strategy and account selection, creative, content and activation. 

Joining the group enables Digital Radish to expand its international reach and scope of expertise while maintaining its autonomy. 

Digital Radish’s managing director and co-founder, Lorna Charlish, commented: “We had been approached by a number of agencies over the years, but none offered us the same level of independence that Selbey Anderson has. They understand how important an agency’s culture and values are to its success; especially in terms of attracting and keeping quality staff and clients. We love the freedom to just focus on what’s best for our people and for our clients, and Selbey Anderson will give us that as well as an international platform, improved infrastructure and increased investment.

Co-founder Renaye Edwards said: “After speaking to Selbey Anderson, we realised that we had a lot in common — we both wanted to grow quickly and bring ambitious ideas to life. It’s important to us that we can still be Digital Radish and keep all the things that make us unique while being able to embrace the multiple opportunities being part of the group will generate for our staff and us as an agency.”

Dominic Hawes, CEO at Selbey Anderson, commented: “We’ve been keen to offer our clients an ABM solution since our first inception. But the market has been so hot, it’s been hard to break in. Then, we met the Radishes. From our very first meeting, we got on really well and found we naturally thought and felt the same way about the future. 

“Lorna and Renaye have built a culture that will bring many positive new attributes to the group. With every acquisition, we learn more and more. In this case, I’m truly excited about bringing the management ethos that has fuelled Digital Radish’s rapid growth and scooped five of the hardest-to-win awards in B2B.”

“With this deal, we’re bringing two ambitious, fast-growing and award-winning businesses together. With our scale, scope and reach and Digital Radish’s superpowers, we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

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