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NEWS: BT Business launches first digital-led campaign | B2B Marketing

BT Business

has launched a new digital-first campaign highlighting the power of business relationships.

The campaign, entitled


, will run from September 2015 to March 2016 and BT Business hopes it will facilitate increased engagement across its digital channels.

The brand’s ad video underlines the importance of connection and support in the global business community, stating ‘Relationships are everything. When we connect, amazing things happen.’

As part of the campaign, BT Business has also partnered with

The Daily Telegraph

, spreading the brand’s message across both print and online channels.

The partnership will feature five regional networking events in order to bring small and medium-sized businesses together.

Claire Sadler, marketing director at BT Business, said: “The #seewhathappens campaign is the first digitally led brand campaign that we have launched. UK businesses are increasingly reliant on technology and we wanted to highlight and celebrate all the brilliant ways that technology can help build connections. 

“Relationships are everything in business and customers are demanding increasingly more from brands and services. Technology helps on all fronts – whether that’s forming or building relationships with customers, suppliers or partners, fostering new ideas or dealing with customer queries or orders more quickly.”

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