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NEWS: CMC Markets launches press advertising campaign | B2B Marketing

Financial derivatives dealer

CMC Markets

has launched a new press-based advertising campaign.

The initiative is aimed at helping traders to ‘take a better position on volatile markets’ and comprises a series of print ads featured in the

Evening Standard.

The ads link major news stories with their effect on the financial market, targeting current topics such as the VW emissions scandal and recent events in the mining sector.

David Hodge, chief commercial officer at CMC Markets, commented: “We were keen to demonstrate the immediate impact that real world events have on the financial markets in a creative and impactful way. Obviously, the key to making this work is having the relevant adverts in place when the stories are being covered which brings its own unique challenges. 

“This creative campaign forms part of our wider strategy of adopting a client-centric approach, and reflects our ongoing efforts to respond to the needs of traders through award-winning technology, education and great support.”

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