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News: DMA creates career personality quiz on International Youth Day

The Data & Marketing Association has launched a new interactive career quiz to improve student awareness of job roles in both data and the marketing industry.

The quiz has been developed in partnership with the DMA’s B2B Council, using the Leadfamly marketing gamification platform.

With GCSE results being recently announced, the DMA aimed to highlight what types of careers the creative, data and marketing industries can offer through its quiz called ‘What Type of Marketer are You?’.

Users can explore a series of scenarios through personality-based questions by helping them understand what job types might fit their qualities. After users receive their results, they can see what type of jobs they should be looking for including roles such as event executives, copywriters, design managers and data analysts. 

Kate Burnett, general manager of DMA Talent, said: “Our new quiz is a fun, interactive way for students across the UK to discover what careers the data and marketing industry can offer them. It will provide them with invaluable advice and information into an array of job types, with unique insights from current industry professionals – a first for the industry.DMA Talent exists to guide and support the next generation of talent. Through projects like this, we can educate emerging talent about our industry, steering them towards the skills and qualities they need to thrive.”

Richard Robinson, chair of the DMA B2B Council and general manager Europe, Leadfamly also said:”With youth employment hit hard due to the coronavirus epidemic, the DMA’s B2B Council was keen to support young talent at a crossroads in their career. We needed something that was both informative and engaging to raise awareness of the vast opportunities that the data and marketing industry holds. By working with DMA Talent, we were able to bring this interactive quiz to life and ensure that it will really resonate with students.”

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