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News: Expandi Group announces the integration of AccountInsight into the group

Expandi group

, a B2B marketing agency, has acquired


, a UK-based adtech and martech company. This integration aims to develop and expand current Expandi services.

With its account-based advertising and intent-identification technologies, AccountInsight will complement Expandi’s existing offering. This will open up further exciting opportunities for Expandi Group’s current and future clients across the globe during a time where data-driven marketing is emerging as the future of B2B marketing. The combined group will employ over 250 people spread across 10 offices in EMEA and, throughout the Expandi Network, can activate more than 500 professionals in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. 

While AccountInsight will continue to independently service media agencies and marketing agencies across B2B industries, Expandi will remain primarily focused on serving global and fast-growing companies with a strong focus in the tech sector.

With the integration of AccountInsight into Expandi Group’s intent-data platforms, solutions, and marketing services, clients will benefit from the delivery of complete marketing solutions ranging from brand awareness to demand generation programmes based on a number of data and analytics solutions available in today’s market: 
Breadth: AccountInsight and Expandi group collects insights covering 100% of the SMEs, midmarket, and enterprise accounts available in any market (matched with local Chamber of Commerce listings). 
Depth: mixing intent data at account level (top down) with intent at individual level (bottom up) and delivering a deeper and more comprehensive outlook on account readiness to buy. 

  • Holistic:

    a database that integrates firmographics, technographics, financial data, intent data, and digital presence (IP addresses, websites, LinkedIn profiles etc), which allows a holistic approach to each account. 

  • Omnichannel:

    collecting signals across the entire funnel (top-middle-bottom) via an omnichannel approach, including email, phone interactions, online events, social and paid media etc, rather than solely tracking paid-media channels. 

  • Relevance:

    exclusively targeting decision-making units (headquarters, parent companies, sites with autonomous decision power, etc) and managers active in the decision-making process. 

  • Actionable:

    integrating intent data with a full database of decision makers’ contact details (direct phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles) and DMUs’ IP addresses, allowing immediate action once an account is ready for engagement. 

  • ROI-driven:

    validating the potential accounts’ readiness based on correlation among signals, actions and results tracing campaign outcomes, rather than relying solely on predictive models like other intent data providers.

Raffaele Apostoliti, Expandi CEO, said: “Since 2016, we have invested heavily in martech and data as we found it essential to reach our corporate mission to deliver best-in-class ROI marketing to our clients. The integration with AccountInsight and their bidstream data and account-based advertising platforms allows us to deliver the most efficient and effective adtech and martech solutions in the B2B market available today in EMEA.”

Thomas Hübner, AccountInsight CEO, commented: “When we had our first face-to-face meeting with Expandi in May 2021, it immediately appeared clear to us that Expandi was the best partner to  complement our offering, both in terms of data and platforms. Furthermore, we valued the access  to an additional eight offices in EMEA and other  key locations in North America and APAC, boosting our capacity to serve our clients across the globe.”

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