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News: Fearless Labs launches to fix ‘broken link’ between sales and marketing

New software company, Fearless Labs has launched, which aims to create products and services that help foster better alignment between marketing and sales teams.

Its first product, SOsell, the first Fearless Labs product, is a social selling tool designed to use customer intent data to drive social content to an organisation’s key accounts. SOsell is already being actively used by a number of high profile customers, including Salesforce, BMC, VMware and O2, enriched by valued-added services from Fearless Labs’ partner, Agent3. 

Fearless Labs will be led by three technology execs with a proven track record in creating market leading products and services that help solve real customer challenges, as well as in scaling SaaS companies. Executive chairman and CEO, Pontus Noren, chief revenue officer, Darren Ritchie and chief product officer, Hatim Abdalla, have previously worked together at cloud services company, Cloudreach, founded by Noren in 2009 and bought by

Blackstone Private Equity in 2017. 

Pontus Noren, CEO, Fearless Labs said: “We’re excited to work with potential partners who can go out and help their customers realise the potential of our products.  Whereas most software businesses start out with a product that solves a problem, and then gradually build up a partner network afterwards, with Fearless Labs we have approached it differently.

Most software sales are purely transactional; the real value of technology investment comes from how you choose to apply that technology to meet your business goals.  Hence our decision to build software which is both customer and partner focused from Day 1. Selling via a strong partner who has the knowledge and services required to successfully roll out the software in an enterprise environment ensures the customer achieves their business goal for the product.”

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