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NEWS: Gorkana launches surveys | B2B Marketing

Gorkana Group

has launched a real-time survey solution ‘Gorakana Surveys’ which will enable users to create and conduct short surveys and receive results instantly. 

The service measures and gauges what people are thinking on a real time basis, providing users with insight that can then be used to shape and drive communications initiatives. 

Surveys can be created in minutes using a survey design wizard, and with Gorkana Survey’s online reporting system users are able to analyse the results quickly and effectively. As  a result, the system can be used for marketing and PR surveys, crisis monitoring and tracking KPIs in real time.

Jeremy Thompson, CEO of Gorkana Group, said: “Our current offering enables brands and corporates to quickly and accurately understand what is being written about them. Gorkana Surveys takes this a step further – now our customers will also be able to know what their audience is thinking about them as well.

“Traditional market research is often costly and time-consuming. Being a self-service product with an engaged base of respondents, Gorkana Surveys is a more cost efficient way of gaining insight. By receiving results in real time, customers will be able to make quicker and more effective decisions.”


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