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NEWS: HSE launches ‘Health and safety ABC’ | B2B Marketing

The UK’s national regulator for workplace health and safety Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a ‘Health and safety ABC’ animation to promote its online tools and guidance.

Working with integrated creative agency 23red, the animation aims to highlight how simple online tools and guidance can save SMEs time, effort and money in the long run. SMEs are also encouraged to visit

to access the tools.

The creative agency is negotiating partnerships with a range of banks, insurance companies, office suppliers, and trade associations. Partners are encouraged to help raise awareness of the tools and animation among their SME members.

Kate Haire, HSE’s small business lead, said: “What’s great about the H&S ABC brand is that it makes it so much easier for smaller businesses to identify what they need to know to manage health and safety sensibly.

“We are working with some key industry partners who have regular contact with SMEs to make them aware of the benefits of using the free online tools and guidance HSE has to offer. We hope employers will realise that complying with the law does not have to be complicated or cost lots of money.”

Meanwhile, Sean Kinmont, founding partner of creative at 23red, commented: “Managing health and safety is a vital issue for small businesses, and for this campaign to make an impact we needed a vehicle to communicate the key messages clearly and effectively. By launching an integrated initiative, with a strong online presence, we will ensure the audience understands what tools are available to help them, and where they can find them.”


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