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News: IDG Communications acquires Triblio

IDG Communications has acquired account-based marketing Triblio 

Financial details were not disclosed. 

The acquisition brings together account-based marketing, premium content and first party data to deliver unprecedented power for technology. The agreement joins IDG’s global brand, audience reach and deep experience in publishing data and research with

Triblio’s ABM platform.

The companies will provide the ability for marketers to focus on accounts that the sales departments want to target and influence for buying groups.

IDG and Triblio have been in talks since October of last year. According to CEO of Triblio Andre Yee, he worked with IDG CEO Mohamad Ali to ensure the partnership made sense, not only for them, but for their respective leadership teams as well. 

Andre said: “Walking in for me, I wasn’t sure what to initially expect. They’re a 55 year old tech publishing company, and at first glance, it might seem odd, but the more we thought about it, the more sense it made and we realised there was potential. We have technology but we don’t have the global reach. But they do and when we put that together, we become very powerful.”

With ABM becoming more relevant than ever, Andre also had some thoughts on its significance in the market during lockdown.

Andre said: “When the economy slows down, marketers are the first to see the negative impact of that in terms of cutting budgets and cutting jobs. And that has occurred in some corners, but in terms of what marketers do, in a world that is digital first or maybe a digital only world, as we find ourselves in today, digital marketing becomes even more important. And there is nothing more powerful and no strategy better in digital marketing than account based marketing. Because everyone is at home, you need to be able to reach and influence them and you need to be able to reach the right buyers in the right role. ABM is exactly what you need in order to do that.”

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