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News: Integrate launches its Demand Acceleration Platform

Leader in B2B precision demand marketing, Integrate, has announced its launch of its Demand Acceleration Platform to centralise and connect the B2B buying experience. 

Integrate’s DAP provides a scalable service for growth and enterprise organisations to drive omnichannel demand strategies, orchestrate intelligent buyer and account journeys, convert leads and accounts to revenue, and demonstrate marketing ROI. In addition, 

it also includes a built-in martech ecosystem that provides B2B marketers with access to integrated, best-in-class technology and performance solutions. 

Deb Wolf, CMO at Integrate, said: “In today’s buyer-driven world, it’s no longer enough to implement only traditional demand generation or single-channel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. Today’s new world calls for the next chapter of B2B marketing: Precision Demand Marketing, a more precise, more connected, and more agile marketing strategy that meets buyers where they are and when they want.

Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform enables marketers to put buyers and their process at the center of everything they do and execute on a PDM approach that creates buyer trust, confidence, and engagement to accelerate predictable pipelines with precision.”

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