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NEWS: Nettl launches cheeky ‘Web fails’ social campaign | B2B Marketing

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has launched a cheeky social media campaign with the aim of capturing the industry’s imagination on potential ‘web fails’ caused by websites not optimised for mobile.

The activity includes a series of visual examples, featuring companies from bakeries to balloon shops, suffering embarrassing website failures because their site is not optimised for mobile.

Aimed at SMEs, the activity is to promote the company’s new mobile optimise service, Nettl :one.

To date, the campaign has reached more than 11 million people and featured on sharing sites such as LAD Bible and Ads of the World.

Peter Gunning CTO at Grafenia, owners of the Nettl franchise, said: “Mobile optimisation is something many businesses are still shying away from and so we wanted to design a campaign that would cut right to the heart of the message and prompt business owners to act now or risk losing potential customers.”

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