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NEWS: O2 Business launches ‘Power hour’ | B2B Marketing

O2 has launched a new marketing campaign across email, social and mobile to highlight the brand as a digital solutions provider, offering connectivity, devices and digital apps to businesses across the UK

Created and carried out by digital marketing agency MBA, the launch of O2’s new portfolio of digital products will be preceded by a ‘warm-up’ campaign. This will consist of  a series of digital web conferences over three weeks to help get business owners into the habit of putting aside a ‘power hour’ each week to focus on their business. The series will feature a selection of expert hosts and panellists, including Tony Crabbe, author of



The webinar series is a vehicle for data capture and aims to warm up the audience, through mobile, social and email, to the full campaign which launches in October. 

Elizabeth Ponsford, business marketing manager at O2, said: “This is the biggest campaign for O2 Business yet so we’re really excited about seeing MBA’s audience warm-up activity through this informative series of digital conferences. MBA have come up with something that will put O2 digital solutions on the map.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Maher, CEO of MBA, commented: “O2 tasked us to come up with a digital campaign that would reach business leaders far and wide and enliven their senses to the new O2 products that enable businesses to grow and be more efficient. We’re looking forward to the audience’s response.”

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