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News: Salesforce introduces AI-powered account-based marketing tools

Salesforce has announced two new ABM innovations within Salesforce Digital 360, which will help companies identify accounts with buying signals and optimise their ABM campaigns. 

The first innovation, Einstein Key Accounts Identification, analyses engagement-based buying signals and customer characteristics to identify the accounts most likely to make a purchase. Meanwhile, Accounts as Campaign Members lets companies target an entire account directly even if there aren’t any contacts for the account.

Salesforce’s ABM features aim to help marketing and sales teams understand buyers in strategic accounts, focus on essential sales opportunities, and deliver personalised content to strengthen relationships with their customers.

According to its press release, Einstein Key Account Identification and Accounts as Campaign Members are both expected to be generally available later this year.

Peter O’ Neill, lead analyst at B2B Marketing, said: “Many established marketing automation systems, like Salesforce Pardot, are slowly adding ABM features and the ability to include an account as a campaign member does help Pardot users to do ABM easier. However, most B2B marketing organisations are turning to a more dedicated ABM platform for this functionality – orchestration is only one of the ABM components, after all.”

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