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NEWS: Saxo Bank launches behind-the-scenes campaign | B2B Marketing

Copenhagen-based online trading and investment bank Saxo Bank has launched a behind-the-scenes video campaign to show day-to-day life within the bank.


‘Number one. Just like you’

 global campaign will include a series of videos showing previously unseen everyday processes inside the Bank. To achieve this film director Kasper Torsting followed the founders and joint CEOs Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen for four months to see firsthand life inside the Bank.  

As a result, the campaign shows unstaged footage of life inside Saxo Bank including the two founders’ continued pivotal role in product development and client relationships. It also features the team behind the Bank’s award-winning trading platform and products.

Henrik Lykkesteen, head of global marketing at Saxo Bank, said: “As an online trading and investment bank, transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We wanted the filming to be a genuine reflection of life at Saxo Bank and the way we interact with clients and develop new products. The stories and events of this campaign are all authentic. We believe it’s the best way to build trust and long term relationships with our clients and to tell Saxo Bank’s story to a broader audience.”


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