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News: Scoota announces £2 million round – plans rapid US expansion

Scoota, a developer of automated omnichannel digital branding technology, has announced a £2 million round from Notion Capital, the Angel CoFund (ACF) and VentureFounders.

According to the statement, the growth funding will be used for rapid US expansion plans for the latter part of 2020 and early 2021.

Scoota offers a new approach to fraud-free, automated omnichannel digital branding, all through one single platform.

Scoota’s patent-pending Sentinel technology solves various legacy challenges encountered when delivering multimedia content at scale via programmatic channels, and automates management of fraud in real time.

Speaking directly to B2B Marketing, James Booth, founder and CEO of Scoota, addressed some of the specific challenges that Scoota can help overcome in the B2B sector.

James said: “We spent a little over six years building a digital marketing platform that’s designed to automate a number of elements that historically would have been manual tasks for B2B marketing activity.”

These include the following:

  • Creating interactive advertising formats from Photoshop. Dragging and dropping a layered PSD into the company’s creative management platform does this instantly.
  • Quality assurance (QA) of creative for digital out-of-home (DOOH) media. Scoota built a system that feeds the creative directly to the media owner and then alerts the user of the platform directly that it can go live, saving many days.
  • Pre-testing websites for JavaScript-based format delivery. Interactive multimedia advertising formats rely on JavaScript to control their delivery and manage the functionality, but JavaScript breaks site layout so has to be pre-tested, which causes problems for programmatic delivery where sites aren’t known until a bid appears. Scoota’s technology automates this testing in real time.
  • The company has also automated the management of fraudulent traffic (bots) and fake sites in real time, which is usually a post-campaign activity from third-party vendors.

James added: “There are numerous other unique selling points (USPs) to the system that make the process of programmatic digital marketing more powerful, free of fraud and fully transparent. Covid-19 has created a significant downturn in the advertising market, but we’re seeing quite a degree of interest in our solution as a result of agencies having more time to review their processes.”

As mentioned earlier, Scoota plans to use this growth funding for rapid US expansion plans for the latter part of 2020 and early 2021.

James commented: “We’re seeing some strong traction in the US. The market there is considerable and to deliver pan-US programmatic advertising where interactive multimedia is used is challenging due to the need to pre-test websites in advance of a campaign going live. Our system removes that need and hands control back to the agencies and away from the providers of limited pre-tested networks of sites that typically take a considerable degree of margin and generally don’t deliver full transparency; that is appealing to the major agencies. Our approach is to target the agencies directly, helped by the fact that I know many of the senior agency leaders. Our pitch is different and is always well received.”

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