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News: The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021 is out now!

After a lot of surveying and editing, the UK Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021 is out now, and reveals that the UK agency marketplace is still in a strong position, despite a tough year for everyone.

The report includes:

  • The top 95 UK B2B agencies.
  • The top 15 fastest growers.
  • The top 15 rising stars.
  • The top 15 international agencies.
  • The 2021 Trend Tracker (which shows where marketers’ focus lies in 2021).
  • In-depth analysis on the agency marketplace.
  • Opinion pieces from senior agency leaders.
  • Agency showcases.

Edelman and MSQ B2B take the top spots

This year, two new entries have taken the top two spots in our Top 95 UK agencies table, with Edelman and MSQ B2B sitting first and second, respectively. Iris, meanwhile, after having a year hiatus from the report, has re-entered the report, landing in third place.

Last year’s top agency, Ogilvy UK, did not take part this year. Last year’s second and third-place entries, MRM McCann and Bray Leino, meanwhile, have remained in the top 10.

Transmission has broken into our top 10, after having been placed 11


for the previous two years.

twogether is this year’s fastest grower, while Modern is the rising star

Posting a year-on-year increase in UK gross income of £3.3 million, twogether was this year’s fastest grower, followed closely behind by Iris, which reported an increase of £3.2 million, and Kingpin, which reported a £2.6 million increase.

However, this year, to give credit where credit is due, we also included the top 15 rising stars. This table shows the UK agencies that reported the largest increase in UK gross income year-on-year as a percentage.

Modern was the standout star in this respect, posting a 156.1% increase in UK gross income year-on-year. April Six and Napier landed second and third place, respectively, both reporting around a 66% increase.

Marketers focused on the customer more than ever before this year

Our highly popular Trend Tracker is included within this report, and indicates that marketers are more focused than ever on the customer, with customer experience and customer success all included in the top trends. Growth marketing also appears to be an area of significant focus for both agency-side and client-side marketers. It appears marketers are continuing to assert themselves as a driver of real business goals, and totally distance themselves from the ‘colouring in department’ of yesteryear.

For the full breakdown and analysis, download the full report now.

The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021

Who are the biggest and best UK B2B marketing agencies? In fact, what does the agency marketplace even look like at the moment? Find out here for loads of insights!

Download this report to find out.

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