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News: The rising stars of the US agency marketplace revealed!

Being a great agency isn’t a race. It takes years of building trust, reputation and a portfolio, but it’s also true that exceptionally quick growth should be recognised and applauded. With that in mind, the B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021, which you can download


, reveals the rising stars of the US agency marketplace.

We defined the ‘rising stars’ as the top 10 US agencies in terms of how much their US gross income grew as a percentage year-on-year.

Velocity Partners comes out on top

Year-on-year, Velocity Partners saw its US gross income increase by 167%. That’s quite an achievement. With such extraordinary growth, we hope to see Velocity continue to climb our main league table rankings for years to come!

The ABM Agency followed behind in second place, reporting a year-on-year increase in US gross income of 108%. The agency reported a total US gross income in its most recent financial year of $1.6 million, so clearly an important year in its growth.

Who else made the top 10 rising stars?

Completing our top 10 rising stars list were: MOI Global; Merkle B2B; Transmission; Stirista; The Marketing Practice; Kingpin Communications; The Mx Group; and Intelligent Demand.

If you’d like to learn the specifics of how these agencies performed, don’t forget to head over to the

full report

now. Our feature, titled ‘Insights from the highest-performing US agencies’, includes interviews with some of these rising stars, explaining just why they’ve seen such extraordinary success.

Download the full report now!

Want to check out the complete B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021? Follow the link to download now.

Download the report now!

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