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NEWS: TNT launches brand identity campaign | B2B Marketing


has launched a new brand identity campaign to showcase its new logo and strapline: ‘The people network’.

The activity, which will span over eight European countries, showcases TNT’s network or dedicated people to put an emphasis on the importance of customer relationships built around the brand’s personal touch. 

The campaign targets SMEs and is built around a crucial observation that a real person exists behind the barcodes and that relationships must come first.

Consequently, the first TV ad features TNT employees arriving from across the world to assemble ‘man-made’ lorries and delivering packages in person to customers. Radio ads, billboards and sales and loyalty programs will support the TV spots.

The new TNT brand identity reflects the company’s strategy to offer customers an even better experience and bolster its European network.

In the coming months new commercial iniatives will be rolled out to gain and retain additional SME customers.

Tex Gunning, CEO of TNT, said: “We have a clear strategy to focus on our greatest strengths; our people, their human approach to serving customers, and our unique network. Customers are not barcodes and we are not robots. We all relate to what drives our customers, business growth. The personal touch and taking time to understand what customers really need, distinguish us from others. We are ‘The people network’.” 

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