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NEWS: Vistaprint ditches promotion for emotion | B2B Marketing


has released a new TV advert with the aim of shifting brand perception and connecting emotionally with its core micro business customer base.

This is the first time the print company has chosen not to include any promotional offers, opting instead to tell a sweet story of a father and son building an independent bakery.

‘The Postcard’ was directed by international award-winner Greg Gray, and tracks the family’s journey across a 15-year period with a focus on the strong relationship between the owner and his son. Vistaprint’s marketing products are included as a plot device, driving the narrative and showing how the business changes over time. Meanwhile, the final tagline ‘Everything you create matters’ aims to showcase the brand’s emphasis on providing professional quality materials to businesses at any stage in the market.

Developed by Vistaprint’s inhouse agency, the 30 and 60-second versions of the ad are being aired over 15,000 times across a range of TV networkss in June. The whole three-minute version is available to watch below.

Don LeBlanc, CMO at Vistaprint, commented: “This spot is intended to position our brand in a different light and serve as a new way for us to communicate, as we strive to become a more customer-centric organisation. We serve millions of UK micro business owners every year, so we are really excited to see how our customers react to what is a very different style of advertising from what they have traditionally seen from Vistaprint.”

The TV ad is only being aired in the UK and is part of an ongoing, multi-million pound global campaign. The video will be supported through Vistaprint’s social and PR channels in June.

Looking ahead, further localised versions of the ad will be rolled out across Europe later this year.

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