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News: Widen and Productsup partner to help launch products on 1,500+ e-commerce channels

Widen, a digital asset management software, and Productsup, a leader in e-commerce data integration has announced a partnership to help customers compete in e-commerce.

The companies will integrate to help users compile data and content in the Widen Collective and then launch e-commerce channels using Productsup. 

Widen also just recently launched a product information management system that enables brands to assemble and distribute marketing copy, and assets.

Productsup offers product content syndication, feed management, marketplace integration, and vendor onboarding for brands and retailers. The platform empowers users to optimise and syndicate product content to digital marketing channels.

Jake Athey, VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at Widen, said: “Our new partnership with Productsup comes at a time when e-commerce platforms are of growing importance for retailers across the globe. The huge impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector and the closure of many physical stores means that organisations must focus on their website to drive consumer spending. The accuracy of data on e-commerce sites and the quality of the content both make a tremendous impact on purchase decisions. Products are becoming information, and the brands best able to manage that information will have an edge in e-commerce.

“We have seen a great deal of interest from retailers in our new product information management (PIM) solution which, when combined with our existing digital asset management (DAM) offering, provides a unified toolset for managing product data across multiple channels. And now, by partnering with Productsup, our customers have an ideal platform to get from DAM+PIM to market by launching their products on more than 1,500 e-commerce channels.”


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