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Our new community for B2B marketers has launched!

At B2B Marketing, we are proud to announce the launch of Propolis – a B2B community, built for and by the community.

Having been in Beta mode since the start of the year, all bugs have now been swatted, and we’re now fully out of the gates.

So far, we’ve onboarded our founder members from a number of leading global brands, including Sky, Atos, Tektronix, City Sprint and Gazprom to name just a few. From CMOs to managers, they’re now part of one of the most sophisticated and effective subscription community models in the world – all helping to develop talent and support marketing driving growth within business.

Marketing is the business of business and needs to be supported by only the best solutions. We therefore developed Propolis in collaboration with the very market it looks to support to help develop strategies and methodology to accelerate the success of marketing within business.

Propolis is a brand-new home for B2B marketers – a focal point for all that’s great in B2B; a packed resource of models and advice, a peer-to-peer network, a diagnostic tool, and a direct source of advice and advisory. It’s available all the time, across all time zones. It’s


professional marketing resource, giving you access to a world class team of experts and peers to support you on your journey.

This is an incredibly exciting time for all of us in B2B, as the industry evolves and we change how we communicate, gain knowledge and find inspiration.

Now is the time to drive your marketing and your team forward.

Now is the time for Propolis.

Find out more about how you can join us on this journey and how you can excel with the power of the B2B marketing community by following the link below.

Propolis: our new community for B2B marketers

Want to learn more about our new community platform and what it can do for your team and your career? Follow the link here!

Check out Propolis now

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