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Outsourcing Your Marketing: How And Why | B2B Marketing

Why should you outsource your marketing?

Here’s a list of the benefits

1. Get Started Immediately

A reputable

outsourcing company

will most certainly have a pool of talented marketing experts who have experience in developing campaign strategies to suit needs both big and small. Because of this,they could probably implement marketing initiatives in a fraction of the time it would take your in house marketing team.

2. Focus on Your Core Competencies.


outsourcing aspects of your marketing

, you are no longer bogged down by the little details that come with implementing a marketing project. Let the outsource firm deal with the tactical matters. Focus on being strategic .

Talk to your marketing team, gather insight, then provide direction.

3. Reduce Costs

There are so many hidden costs on top of an employees salary. There’s recruitment, training, equipment and furnishing, employee benefits and so on. Outsourcing means you just pay for the work that you need, with none of the other hidden charges.

4. Outside perspective

Remember the saying “A face only a mother could love”?  That is sometimes the problem when marketing is handled internally.

Sometimes the opinions of those who’ve been in the company for years have become clouded by bias that they are unable to make the right decisions.

Getting outsourced help also means getting fresh ideas from people with a different perspective.

What Aspects of Marketing Should be Outsourced?

The internet has turned marketing on its head. While it has provided a plethora of opportunities for companies to reach potential customers, it has also become more complex, requiring a great deal of specialization.

SEO, CRM Marketing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing – if your company doesn’t specialize in any of these there’s only two ways you can go.

You can make that your problem by adding it to the list of things you as a boss will have to worry about, or, you can hire experts who can do it for you on a per-project basis.

But not all aspects of marketing should be outsourced

. Those that directly drive strategy should be kept internally. Marketing officers still need to develop the strategy and maintain relationships with customers and gain new ones.

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