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Working with

tech-savvy PR firms

that understand the needs of a business-to-business (B2B) company may be helpful for your B2B business. Such a firm understands the unique relationships you have with your business customers and how these relationships differ from the relationships you would have with retail customers. A PR firm has to understand how best to get your message out to your customers as well as foster new relationships within a specific industry or business sector.

This post provides

some tips

that will help you go about garnering good public relations for your B2B company. These tips include creating media that specifically targets industry publications, creating industry white papers, and providing tiered communications that are targeted to different influencers within a B2B customer or prospect.

Using Industry Publications

The use of industry publications and periodicals is one of the best ways to promote your B2B company to your current and prospective customers. Pursuing public relations and promotional activities in this manner allows you to create media that is specific to the needs and interests of a particular industry and zero in on attracting the types of companies that you want to do business with.

The information provided in a trade publication, journal, or article is specific to the needs of those companies within that industry. The targeted nature of this type of communication provides you with a focused approach to your public relations efforts and removes from the equation those individuals (i.e. retail customers) who are not in your target market or demographic. Given that much of the content produced and distributed in an industry publication comes from respected industry professionals, you are sure to get the kind of attention that you will not achieve through general media and PR channels.

The Importance of Industry White Papers

A white paper, a tool used by governments and companies to address a specific problem and provide a solution, is a powerful tool that you should have in your B2B communication arsenal. A white paper, if used advantageously, can help position your company as a knowledge leader and increase the credibility of the products and services you offer within a particular industry or to a type of business enterprise.

The white paper has long been an important communication tool. One of the most notable white papers is the

British White Paper of 1922

, written by Winston Churchill during his time as British Secretary of State for the Colonies. The weight typically given to white papers by opinion leaders and business professionals makes them a valuable tool for you to employ in your B2B PR efforts.

Tiered and Targeted B2B PR Communication

You should consider stratifying your B2B PR efforts in order to target your message within an organization. The type of promotional activities that you engage in with a senior manager are much different than those PR activities that you engage in with a company’s CEO. Depending on your intended audience, you need to create a strategy for communication that is appropriate to that individual within the company.

Considerations that you should account for when creating a tiered approach to B2B PR communications include communication frequency (i.e. daily versus weekly); the method of communication that is most effective, be it email and electronic communication or telephone calls and face-to-face meetings; and communication type for your target within the business.

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