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Precision demand marketing: Why the only process that matters is the buyer’s | B2B Marketing

It shouldn’t be news to any marketer that the most important process in marketing is the buyer’s. After all, it’s the buyer that holds the keys to your revenue.

Why then, are marketers not making the buyer central to all that they do? How are marketers’ current strategies falling short of doing this?

Using the results of an extensive survey carried out by B2B Marketing, this report will answer these questions, and introduce precision demand marketing, explaining how this new approach can help you improve your targeting of the buyer.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • The state of play: How confident are your peers in targeting their ABM and non-ABM buyers? What’s happening to their budget allocation to either strategy? How confident are they in their understanding of the buyer’s process?
  • The risks of operating ABM or demand generation in isolation.
  • What barriers marketers face in creating more targeted demand generation campaigns.
  • What precision demand marketing is, and how it can help you target your buyers.
  • Seven steps you can take to introduce precision demand marketing in your organisation.

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