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Preparing your account based marketing pilot for take off | B2B Marketing | ABM

Download this free report to find out how to run an account-based marketing pilot programme

How do you get account-based marketing off the ground?

According to our most recent ABM benchmarking research, almost two-thirds of B2B marketers are currently looking into, or planning, how ABM could apply within their organizations.

The answer for most is to run a pilot program – a proving ground to demonstrate that ABM is suitable for your organization, team and prospects.

We’ve put together this guide to explain how to do just that, with advice and examples from brands and agencies who’ve been there and done it.

This free 17-page guide to running an ABM pilot will tell you:

  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when setting up your pilot
  • Which metrics and goals to look at before getting started
  • The resources you should allocate to the project, and how much to spend
  • How to convince your most important allies – sales – to get onboard
  • Which accounts to choose first
  • What to do once the pilot is over
  • Case studies from major brands including








Preparing your ABM pilot for take off inside mockup image

“‘Pilot’ means doing it at a smaller scale with a tighter focus area, a smaller budget, and a smaller team – not skipping over important principles of ABM”

Meredith Fuller, MD buyer engagement, Quarry

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