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Really Bad Corporate Gifts You Should Never Offer | B2B Marketing

Most business managers today think that the only thing that counts is the thought but this is not something that is correct in a business environment. There is a need to leave a proper lasting impression on employees or clients. That means that you need to give everything the proper forethought. A receiver will see the gift as something that counts. It will showcase you and your business.

With this in mind, offering bad corporate gifts can be highly problematic as it will have the exact opposite result than what you had in mind. With this in mind, let us think about the worst gifts that you can offer. That would showcase what you have to avoid.

Improper Certificates Or Gift Cards

One of the worst things that you could do is offer your employees or a business partner a gift card that is not enough. There are many situations in which a gift card cannot even be used to buy one item in a shop. For instance, if someone receives a gift card of $30 to a store that has only really expensive items and all of them are more expensive than $30, the corporate gift would be really bad.

Branded Polo Shirts

Some business managers will offer these corporate gifts with the belief that the choice is perfect. The t-shirts are branded and this creates exposure in their mind. The problem is that it is so incredibly easy to choose the wrong sizes. There is nothing worst with polo shirts than receiving a large size that is still too small or a small size that is simply too small.

Calendars With Company Logos

We have to understand that all people that need calendars already have some. They buy it way before the year ends. With this in mind, choosing a calendar as a corporate gift is definitely one of the worst ideas possible. It is a complete waste of money. You can use the calendars as extra gifts to make it seem that you offer more but if you just plan to hand out a calendar, think again.

Mouse Pads

It is surprising to see how many business managers still sign off and agree to mouse pads as corporate gifts. How often do you use a mouse pad? Also, people these days go mobile so they turn towards laptops. Mouse pads are rarely necessary and we all understand how bad it is to offer corporate gifts that simply won’t be used. Instead of mouse pads, think about some

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as an example of accessories you could use, are connected to the IT industry and are much more useful.

Stress Balls

These are simply awful. Out of all the corporate gifts you could offer, the stress ball with a company logo is definitely the worst one, especially when you give it out to your employees. It is as if saying you expect the next period to be extremely stressful. How bad is that? The receiver will never like the gift. People should buy stress balls by themselves.


Avoid the bad corporate gifts that were mentioned above at all costs. Stay focused on what could be useful for the receiver and never make a sacrifice when referring to quality. This is the worst thing that you can do. There are always good options available. You just need the necessary patience to make a correct choice. 

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